The Philippine president annuls an opponent and orders his arrest

Middle east

MANILA (Reuters) – Philippine President Rodrigo Duterti on Tuesday pardoned an opposition senator involved in a failed coup attempt 15 years ago and ordered his arrest, the second arrest of an opposition lawmaker in the Philippine parliament.

Sen. Antonio Trillanes, the main critic of Dutarti, accused the Philippine president of hiding wealth and supporting complaints to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and demanded an indictment against him for the alleged deaths of thousands of suspected criminals and drug traffickers.

An executive order published by the Manila Times in support of Deuteri stated that the amnesty for the former recruiter had been canceled because he had not met the minimum requirements, including recognition of his guilt.

Former president Pinino Aquino had pardoned Trillanes in 2010 after being implicated in a coup attempt in 2003 and a four-year rebellion attempt, both aimed at ousting then-president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, an ally of Deuteri.

Trillanes described the executive order as “stupid” and said he would not resist arresting him or fleeing.

“It is a clear political persecution, Mr. Duterti is a dictator, he does not respect institutions, so we are in this situation: ordinary people are killed and critics are imprisoned,” he said.

Duterti, now on an official visit to Israel, said he would not punish anyone who criticized him.

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said Duterti had proved to have the “maximum tolerance for freedom of expression” and applied the law simply by revoking an amnesty granted as a form of political favoritism.

“He (Trillanes) did not ask for an amnesty but was presented to him on a silver platter,” he told reporters in Jerusalem.

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